Trusted Electrical Repair for Manatee, Sarasota, Pinellas, and Hillsborough Counties

Electrical repair by Luminous Electric

Electrical repair can be dangerous and usually requires prompt, expert service. Luminous Electric specializes in electrical repair. Our experienced electricians have the skill and expertise to make sure your electrical repair is performed quickly and safely. Simple electrical repairs can create a threat of an electrical fire if performed improperly.

electrical repair

Circuit Breakers

Electrical repair and/or installation of a new electric panel or circuit breaker will ensure the well-being and safety of your home, as well as increase the value of your property.

Electrical installation of a circuit breaker or electric panel should also include an inspection of your utility company’s main power supply. Luminous Electric can check that power supply and determine if it is satisfactory for your property’s electrical systems.

Light Socket Repair

Light sockets usually wear out from overheating. A light fixture that has overheated will often be discolored. It’s important to repair worn light fixtures to prevent a fire hazard.

Fluorescent Lighting Fixtures Repair

Fluorescent light fixtures have components that can burn out and require repair. The starter and ballast need to be functional in order for the fluorescent light fixture to operate. If the fluorescent tubes become dark on either end, the starter may be worn out or improperly installed. If a fluorescent bulb delays before illuminating, the starter may require replacement.

Outlets and Light Switch Repair

Electrical outlets that are cracked or damaged should be replaced immediately. Outlet faceplates protect us from the deadly electrical current flow, as well as preventing short circuits. An electrical outlet needs replacement if:

  • The plug doesn’t stay in the outlet.
  • A popping sound occurs when the switch is activated.
  • The outlet cover is cracked.

Outdoor Lighting Repair

Outdoor lighting including flood lights, landscape lights, and post lights can deteriorate over time due to a variety of reasons including Florida’s weather. If your outdoor lighting is not working properly, it may be an electric issue.

Outdoor Aquatic Area Repair

Before you spend potentially thousands of dollars on electrical work for your outdoor aquatic areas, it may turn out you just need simple repairs attributable to faulty electric issues. These areas, however, can be especially dangerous due to the increased risk of electrocution, so you need a professional in your corner. Luminous Electric specializes in performing electrical repairs including boat deck outlets and lighting, pool cage lighting, electrical wiring for hot tubs, wiring for fountains, and more.

Additional Repairs

If it is electric, we can repair it. Other examples of electric repair that Luminous Electric services include repairing damaged wiring. We can also troubleshoot any electric issue you are having.

Simple electrical repairs can create a threat of an electrical fire if performed improperly. Contact Luminous Electric for your electrical repair needs. We can also provide advice on electrical maintenance best practices that can prevent hazards, conserve energy, and save money.