Surge Protection Installation Services for Florida’s Suncoast

A professional electrician can help protect your office or home against damaging and costly power surges. An electric surge is a phenomenon characterized by excessive line voltage that exceeds the design rating for a period of 10 milliseconds or longer. Since we all rely so heavily on high-tech appliances and electronics, an unexpected power surge can be costly and often catastrophic. In fact, the wiring system in an average home experiences 20 or more surges every day. These fluctuations add additional stress and wear on delicate electronic components and can significantly shorten the lifespan of these type of devices.

surge protection

Surge Protection Options

Surge protection can be tailored to serve an entire building or a single access point. Regardless of the system, a surge protector works by regulating the incoming voltage through shorting or blocking to ground so the current always remains within acceptable parameters. A point of use surge protector is dedicated to a single device or system such as a computer server or major appliance. The protection is applied directly to the device at the electric source. Point-of-use surge protectors are small devices that are typically plugged into a wall outlet and rated for surges up to 6,000 volts.

Whole house surge protection is more complicated and requires the services of a professional electrical contractor like Luminous Electric. A whole house surge protection system is installed at the electrical panel or the meter to protect against transient surges that enter the home through the master electric supply. Since whole house protection does not affect internal surges, a combination of point of use and whole house surge protection is recommended.

Why Surge Protection is Important

As the complexity of consumer electronics increases, the quality of the current used to power these devices becomes increasingly critical. For example, latest generation computer chips are particularly sensitive to even slight surges in power. The proliferation of electronics in a home or office adds further risk to the wiring grid since transient voltage may be generated every time a powered device is turned on or off. Microprocessors are incorporated in most modern appliances, which can easily malfunction in the event of an unexpected power surge.

An internal surge can occur any time a connected motor shuts off. The stored energy in a device such as a hair dryer or fan is immediately converted into excess voltage and redirected. Unreliable power companies can also be responsible for significant surges when they switch power from one part of the grid to another as demand changes. Weather-related power surges can be the most damaging when extreme transient spikes flow through power lines or internal wiring.

The Surge Protection Professionals

For customers in Bradenton and the surrounding areas, the experts at Luminous Electric can install a surge protection system that will shield your delicate electronics from unexpected power surges. Call one of our courteous representatives to learn more about the benefits of whole-house surge protection.