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electrician-sarasota-photoElectrician in Sarasota, Luminous Electric, offers a full range of electrician services for the Sarasota, FL area. Luminous Electric provides electrical repair and electrician service for residences in the Sarasota, FL area. Our certified electricians adhere to and comply with local electrical code laws. When you contact Luminous Electric, you can feel confident that the electrician contractor will perform work properly and according to electrical code.

Electrician Sarasota & Electrical Safety

Electrician laws in Sarasota are occasionally changed when new hazards are discovered or improved methods are developed. Electrical laws have also been updated to protect older buildings from inadequate electrical systems that have become depreciated over the decades. In decades past, people lived comfortably with a mere one or two electrical outlets in each room. But the new age of computer microchips appliances and mobile Internet devices increases the need for more electrical outlets. Every room in a typical home will often have numerous electronic devices running. An increased demand for electricity makes electrical upgrades a necessity. The electrical code in the state of Florida requires that electrical outlets be placed no more than six feet apart. This statute insures that modern devices have adequate electrical sources, reducing the use of extension cords.

electrical-outlet-fireElectrician Sarasota and GFCI Outlets

Many houses in the Sarasota region were built prior to the introduction of GFCI or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlets. GFCI outlets are now required by code for any outlet located within six feet of a water source, such as in a bathroom or kitchen. This prevents fires by disabling the circuit if it becomes overloaded. It is highly recommended that GFCI outlets be installed by a certified electrician . GFCI outlets can be challenging to install and often require an experienced electrician.

Electrician Repair in Sarasota Residences

electrical-panelElectrical outlet repair in Sarasota is quite common, especially in older buildings. Florida code requires that a standard electrical outlet near a water source must be converted to a GFCI outlet. An older 1950s home will have an obsolete electrical control panel. To satisfy the electrical needs of the digital age, obsolete electrical control panels must be upgraded . Luminous Electric will comply with electrical code when performing electrical repairs and upgrades. This provides piece of mind that your electrical systems will operate as expected.

Electrician Sarasota, Luminous Electric, is committed to satisfying every customer. Our certified electricians follow the strictest standards. Our courteous electricians will arrive on time and clean up any debris prior to concluding a service call.

Do you need a master electrician who complies with the local electrical code? For an electrician in Sarasota, Call Luminous Electric today.