Master Electrician Port Charlotte, FL

Port Charlotte, FL

Luminous Electric is Port Charlotte’s full-service electrician. Our services include electrical repairs, electrical maintenance, GFCI outlet installation, and safety improvements. We use only highly skilled, experienced technicians who uphold our high safety standards and perform all work to Port Charlotte’s electrical code.

Port Charlotte Electrical Safety

When your home was built, what appliances and gadgets were invented? Does it have electrical outlets every six feet as required by Port Charlotte’s current electrical home so that it can handle HDTVs, game consoles, computers, smartphones, tablets, washing machines, dryers, and dishwashers? Or were its circuits designed to just handle a few lights? Overloaded circuits, lengthy extension cords, and full power strips all present fire hazards. Make sure your electrical system is equipped to handle modern demand.

Port Charlotte GFCI Outlets

electrician-bradenton-gfci-exterior-150x150Kitchens, bathrooms, and other locations with water sources all create a high risk of electrical shock. That’s why Port Charlotte requires GFCI outlets to be used in every kitchen and bathroom as well as within six feet of other water sources. What is a GFCI outlet? Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlets detect small changes in electrical currents. If the circuit touches water or becomes overloaded, the GFCI outlet immediately cuts power to prevent electrical shock or fire. While this is an important safety feature, many Port Charlotte homes were built before GFCI outlets were invented. Check to see if your outlets need to be upgraded today.

Electrical Panel Upgrades in Port Charlotte

electricianDo your circuit breakers trip when you try to run two kitchen appliances at the same time, when you want to wash clothes and watch TV, or even when you just turn on one more light? If so, it may be time to upgrade your electrical panel. Whether you need expanded capacity or an entirely new circuit, our expert electricians are ready to provide you with safe, seamless electrical operation.

Electrical Repair in Port Charlotte

Faulty outlets are more than just an annoyance. Flickering lights, appliances not drawing enough power, and light bulbs that quickly burn out are all signs that something could be seriously wrong with your electrical system. To prevent a fire caused by wires heating up your home’s insulation or a short circuit igniting a spark, have your electrical system checked as soon as possible. Luminous Electric’s Port Charlotte electricians are standing by to help.

Do you need a master electrician in Port Charlotte who understand and complies with the local electrical code? Call Luminous Electric for all of your electrician needs.