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Electrician Bradenton by Luminous Electric provides a full range of electrician services for the Bradenton, FL area. Luminous Electric offers electrical repairs and electrician maintenance for homes in the Bradenton, FL area. Our skilled electricians understand the importance of complying with local electrical code statutes. When you call Luminous Electric, you have peace of mind that your electrician work will be performed properly and according to code.

Electrician Bradenton Safety

electrician-bradenton-wiring-outletsElectrical codes in Bradenton are amended periodically as new technologies emerge or new hazards are discovered. Electrical codes may also be changed to ensure older buildings remain current with electrical energy needs. Previous generations could get by with only one or two electrical outlets per room. In today’s modern age of technological innovation, we often have numerous electronic devices running in our homes. This increased demand for power often necessitates electrical upgrades. Florida code states that electrical outlets may be placed no more than six feet apart. This ensures adequate electrical power sources for all your devices, without the need for running extension cords.

Electrician Bradenton and GFCI Outlets

electrician-bradenton-gfciWhen older houses in the Bradenton region were built, GFCI or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlets didn’t exist. Now GFCI outlets are code requirements for any outlet located in a bathroom, kitchen, or within six feet of a water source. GFCI outlets prevent fires by disabling the circuit if it becomes overloaded. Installation of GFCI outlets by a certified electrician is highly recommended. These outlets may present installation challenges that may only be accomplished by an experienced electrician.

Electrician Repair in Older Bradenton Homes

electrician-bradenton-update-old-houseElectrical outlets in Bradenton often malfunction, particularly in older homes. According to electrical code statutes, standard outlets near water sources must be converted to GFCIs to prevent fire hazards. The electrical control panel box in a 1950s home will need to be upgraded to accommodate the electrical needs of a modern Internet connected family. Luminous Electric complies with electrical code when performing repairs and upgrades, so you can have peace of mind that your electrical systems will operate safely and efficiently.

Electrician Bradenton by Luminous Electric is dedicated to serving our customers. Our electricians are held to the highest standards. We employ only courteous electricians who will arrive on time and tidy up after themselves prior to concluding a service call.

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