Never Lose Power with a Generac Whole Home Generator

Florida Regularly Experiences Extreme Weather and Power Outages

Everyone who lives in or around Charlotte County, Bradenton, Sarasota, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Hillsborough, and Lakewood Ranch, FL knows what it’s like to lose power. Thunderstorms, which occur pretty much daily in Florida, have the capacity to leave thousands without electricity in an instant.

Generac Generator for House

Florida also regularly experiences much more dangerous and damaging weather than mere thunderstorms. Hurricanes have the potential to shut down huge portions of the power grid, affecting millions of residents.

You never know exactly how long it will take for your electricity to be restored. If you have a fully stocked freezer and refrigerator, but no electricity, you could end up losing great deal of money on wasted food.

It just so happens that Florida’s hurricane season starts at the beginning of June. That’s the wrong time to not have access to the precious electricity that powers your AC and refrigerator. The lack of power to your home isn’t just inconvenient, it can also be extremely costly and even dangerous.

Summer temperatures in Florida regularly break 100°F. The effect of the heat is intensified by the stifling humidity, which averages around 90% during the summer months. Young children and the elderly, in particular, are at risk of suffering from heat-related health issues.

Whole Home Generators Provide Sound Peace of Mind

There’s a rather straightforward reason for owning a whole home generator. That reason is simply being able to use all of your electrical appliances, tools, and other devices when your power goes out. Take a few seconds to think about how much you actually depend on having a steady supply of electricity to carry out your daily activities.

Although the purpose behind owning one of these permanent installations is simple, the units themselves certainly are not. They are complex pieces of heavy machinery and should be treated as such. Installing one of these systems is a complicated process that requires a team of skilled and accredited professionals.

In order to achieve its intended goal, a whole home generator must be installed with great care and precision. All of our new employees undergo a rigorous training course designed to test their dedication and abilities. Those who complete the program possess the commitment, knowledge, and skills they’ll need to be successful out in the field..

When Florida residents lose power to their homes, their two main concerns are usually the refrigerator and the air conditioner. Of course, these two appliances only represent a small fraction of the electric devices in your home.

Items like lamps, TV’s, desktop computers, clippers, vacuum cleaners, and countless others are all rendered useless without electricity. Obviously, even rechargeable devices will eventually succumb to the same fate if your power isn’t restored fairly quickly..

Your back-up generator will automatically switch on when the power supply to your home is disrupted. Maintaining your own independent source of electricity means that you don’t have to put your life on hold whenever the power goes out.

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You don’t have to put up with the inconvenience, frustration, and uncertainty caused by power outages. The experts at Luminous Electric can provide you with the perfect whole-house generator for your home. Call today for more information or to schedule your installation.