Expert Circuit Breaker Repair Services Bradenton

Circuit breakers play an important role in maintaining the safety of your home’s electrical system. If you are experiencing flickering lights, power drains or tripped GFCIs, you may need a circuit breaker repair or replacement. At Luminous Electric, we provide complete circuit breaker and electrical panel services for customers in Bradenton, FL, and the surrounding area.

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Circuit Breaker Basics

Circuit breakers are very durable, and it is uncommon for the modules to break down. Older panels with fuses required replacement, but a tripped breaker can usually be reset. However, there are still circumstances where the breaker will have to be replaced. This includes a burning smell around the panel, a breaker that is hot to the touch or wires that are frayed and exposed.

If you notice any of the described conditions, it is important to have your electric panel serviced immediately. Improperly maintained circuit breakers run the risk of faulting or arcing as corroded components can breach and directly contact one another. The resulting sparks and heat can cause a serious electric shock or a catastrophic electrical fire.

A faulty circuit breaker may not trip, so it is important to look for any signs of a malfunction. Burn marks on the exterior or a low humming noise are indicative of a dangerous arc fault. In addition to repairing the breaker, an arc fault circuit interrupter will close down the circuit if an arc fault is detected.

Electrical Panel Replacement

If you determine a circuit breaker has failed, it may be more cost effective and safer to consider replacing the entire panel. Newer panels incorporate breakers equipped with a more accurate tripping mechanism when compared to older units. Previous generations of panels were sensitive and prone to short circuits.

A replacement panel is not only safer, but it will also help improve the performance of your electrical system, especially of you upgrade to a 200-amp service. As new appliances and electronic devices continue to place greater demands on your electric service, a 200-amp panel provides the surplus capacity required to meet all your future electric needs.

What if My Circuit Breaker Trips?

If a circuit breaker trips, it doesn’t automatically mean it needs to be replaced. A breaker can trip for a variety of reasons including a bad connection with a defective device. A breaker can be reset by flipping the switch back to the “on” position. If a breaker trips repeatedly, it is important isolate the circuit and reconnect the appliances one by one to determine if the source of problem is a device or the breaker itself.

The Best Electric Breaker Repair Service

If you are experiencing a problem with your circuit breakers, call the professionals at Luminous Electric to schedule a whole house electrical system evaluation.