Having enough power in your Clearwater, Florida, home is crucial to your ability to complete all of your daily tasks. To have the right amount of power for your home, you will need the right size breaker box. It is the size of your breaker box that will determine how many appliances and fixtures can run at the same time.

How to Choose the Right Size Electrical Panel for Your Clearwater Home

There are several steps that you must go through to make sure you choose an electric panel that is large enough to accommodate your home.

  1. Multiply the total square footage of your home by 3, and this will determine the amount of light and receptacle wattage you will need to accommodate your home.
  2. Next, you will need to add the amount of wattage to power the appliances in your kitchen. You will need a 20-amp single-pole circuit to power the average kitchen. Multiply the amps by the voltage – 120- and you will end up with 2,400 watts needed for the kitchen.
  3. Now you will need to add the wattage for dedicated kitchen circuit. Ranges typically use 50 amps, and dishwashers use 20 amp. With a range operating by 220 volts that will give you 11,000 watts and a dishwasher operating on 120 volts will give you 2,400 watts.
  4. Then add wattage for your laundry room. With a dryer needing 30 amps and 220 volts, that will add 6,600 watts. A washer will use 20 amps at 120 volts for a wattage of 2,400.
  5. The final appliances you will need to add is your heating and air conditioning units. Most units will run on a 60-amp double-pole breaker at 220 volts which will result in 13,200 watts.
  6. The final step is dividing the total wattage by 230 and then find the breaker panel size designed to accommodate,

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