How Do My Pinellas County, FL Circuit Breakers Work?

How Do My Pinellas County, FL Circuit Breakers Work?

You’ve probably flicked on a light or turned on the television without a thought as to how your home electricity works. It’s become such a normal part of life that most people don’t understand how it works. However, understanding how your home electricity works is essential for the Bradenton, Florida, homeowner. The heart and soul of your home’s electricity is the circuit breaker. If you’ve ever wondered how a circuit breaker works, here’s a handy guide to help you with the basics.

The Basics of Electricity

Before you know how circuit breakers work, it’s essential to know how home electricity works. At it’s core, it has three components: voltage, resistance, and current. Voltage moves an electric charge, while current is the rate at which the charge moves through the conductor at any point. In your system, a conductor puts resistance on the flow. Each of these aspects of electricity are what enables you turn on electricity in your home.

What Does a Circuit Breaker Do?

Now that you know the terminology, a circuit breaker is an automatic electrical switch that protects your electrical circuits caused from excess current. Without a circuit breaker to shut off the circuit, it would severely damage your electrical system, which causes the need for repairs or even an entire home rewiring.

Components of the Circuit Breaker

The first time you lay eyes on a circuit breaker, it may look a bit confusing. It has many wires coming into it that correspond to each part of your home. Breakers come in several sizes. The most common is a 200-amp unit that’s used for a 2,000 square foot home. There are also 50-amp, 100-amp, and 150-amp units. When too much current goes to a particular switch on the breaker, it automatically shuts off to prevent damage.

Although you may not completely understand the relevance of the circuit breaker in your home, you now have slightly more knowledge on the topic. If you ever need repairs or you have questions about your circuit breaker make sure to give us a call at Luminous Electric. You can reach us at 727-202-3911.

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