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your bradenton home needs surge protection

3 Signs Your Bradenton, FL Home Needs Surge Protection

Without proper protection, the electronics and appliances in your Bradenton, FL home could be susceptible to sudden and serious damage. When a large boost of electricity surges through your home’s wiring, the extra voltage could cause everything from your washing machine to your TV to be damaged beyond repair. Your home needs surge protection if lightning […]

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Update Your office lights

4 Reasons to Upgrade Your Hillsborough County, FL Office Lights to Be More Energy-Efficient

You might think of energy-efficient lightbulbs as those too-white, almost blinding LEDs that were first released as the energy-efficient lightbulb of choice. Luckily for our eyes, the technology has greatly improved in the last few years. If your Hillsborough County, Florida, office is still using traditional incandescent light bulbs, we’ve put together some reasons why […]

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vampire electronics and Clearwater, FL energy savings

Clearwater, FL Energy Savings: How to Slay Your Home’s Vampire Electronics

Vampire electronics lurk in every Clearwater, Florida, home, quietly drawing electricity and draining bank accounts. Energy vampires are devices that draw power even when they’re turned off, and they’re a costly nuisance that’s bad for the environment. Here are a few of our top tips for warding off vampire electronics and seeing some real Clearwater, […]

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